HydroSheen™ - 4331116

Weight: 17.5 OZ - 496 G
UPC: 010228711169

ProsALL® HydroSheen™ Kitchen Metal Polish is a water-based cleaner that cleans and shines without scratching. Ends water spotting. Leaves no greasy film. Maintains the original finish of stainless steel and other metals. Developed especially to maintain spotlessly clean metal finishes on kitchen equipment and drinking fountains.

  • Water-based stainless steel cleaner
  • Deep cleans and polishes
  • Restores original finish
  • Leaves no oily residue
  • Leaves protective shield
  • Protects against water spots, stains and fingerprints

Recommended uses
Use on stainless steel and other metals, particularly for drinking fountains, countertops and other non-cooking surfaces. It’s formulated for hotel/motel housekeeping professionals, hospitals, restaurants, institutions, the food service industry.

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